Tired of Saying,
“Nothing Ever Fits Me”?

Introducing ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type,’ The Ultimate Guide to Finding Clothes That Fit and Flatter – Without Having to Lose Weight! 


Are any of these phrases ringing a bell?

“You don’t get it; I have a super-weird body.”

“Nothing ever fits me.”

“If only I were 10 lbs lighter, then I could dress well. ”

“There are no options for women over a size 4.”

“Well it’s easy for you to look good, your body is perfect.”

Honestly, if I had a dollar for each time a client said one of those phrases to me...

I’d be blowing my nose with gold-plated tissues and would bathe in Evian water every single day. In short, I’d have Oprah money, and I’d be relaxing on a beach somewhere. All joking aside, it’s upsetting to hear how often women are utterly defeated by their wardrobes. Want to know the cold hard truth? The truth is, it’s not you. It’s the clothes!  Specifically, the clothes you are choosing to keep in your closet.



Think about how awesome it would be if you could…

Have a closet loaded with garments that make you look and feel amazing - every single day. 

Know exactly how to dress your body and find clothes that flatter you, so you’ll wake up every morning knowing you won’t “look fat in this.”

Get daily compliments on your body, even if you can’t remember the last time someone said, “Have you lost weight!” … when you totally didn’t!

Change your look dramatically without having to lose weight or spend a lot of time shopping.

You can absolutely get these results without hiring a fancy pants stylist (like me - lol)

…by learning exactly how to flatter your figure without breaking the bank. Say what?


Hi, I’m Lauren Messiah,
and I’ve been a professional stylist over a decade.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with body image issues. I’m not thin enough, I’m not perfect enough, my ankles aren’t small enough, and the list goes on. I stared at photos of celebrities and models, wishing I looked like them because if I did all of my problems would be solved. Right? Wrong! 

It wasn’t until 2009 when I started working as a stylist in Hollywood when I realized I wasn’t alone. Even the most famous, fabulous, and wealthy women still had body image issues. From the outside, they looked “perfect”, but on the inside, they struggled with their self-esteem just like the rest of us. However, when I dressed them up and flattered their figure, their confidence soared.

Less than a year later, I expanded my business to “real women,” and experienced other peoples body image issues on another level. 

I wanted to do more, I wanted to help these women love and appreciate their bodies through the power of personal style.

In 2010, I was trained by Stacy London from the hit television show ‘What Not To Wear.’ 

I learned how to dress women based on their body type. I then took my newfound knowledge to my clients and WOW, what a game-changer.

“I’ve watched and rewatched the content you create, what I’ve received is a whole new outlook on clothing, personal presence, and image. Thank you.”
– Heather C.

Now I am thrilled to be able to launch Dress Right For Your Body Type to the public so that I can put these proven techniques into your hot little hands.

Want to hear something interesting that is backed by science?

The ideal body type is the “hourglass” figure. It dates back to the caveman era; if a woman had a full bust, tiny waist, and hips – it meant she was fertile and could bear children.

The issue is, only 8% of women naturally have that figure!

That means 92% of women feel like losers when it comes to their bodies. Not to mention that the fashion industry has declared the shapeless and ultra-thin body type as the ideal.

With all of this conflicting information, I can see how women give up and reach for the leggings.

The good news is, there is a solution.

Learning how to dress for your body type will help you take control of the way you look and your relationship with style.

Is dressing for your body type the end all be all?

Nope. It’s simply a tool to add to your stylish tool belt. The more you know, right? Understanding how to dress for your body is the key to looking slimmer and loving the way you look.

Which is why I created a brand new course to walk you through how to do it. 
It’s time to ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type.’

Dress Right For Your Body Type is an easy to follow online styling program where you will learn how to flatter your figure and feel good when you are getting dressed.

Here’s How Dress Right For Your Body Type Works

As soon as you join the course, you’ll get a series of video lessons, downloadable worksheets, and other resources to help you dress your shape.

You get lifetime access to all the materials, so you’ll never fall behind or get overwhelmed. You can go through the program at a pace that works for you.

You’ll get the exact strategies I’ve used to help hundreds of women transform their lives by learning how to dress their shape.

What You’ll Discover Inside

Why dressing for your body type is an absolute game changer
The five different body types that exist hint they aren’t named after desk instruments or fruits/veggies
Simple styling tricks you can use to execute balance for your body.

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Get

Bonus #1 - Celebrities By Body Type eBook.

Because when you look at those “perfect” celebrities in a new way, they can actually help you get dressed instead of messing with your self-esteem. 

Bonus #2- Outfits by Body Type eBook.

Need a little help figuring out what to wear? This comprehensive eBook is filled with outfit ideas, all styled by Lauren. 

Bonus #3- Body Type Identification Worksheet.

Confused about your body type? Now you can quickly identify it with this handy dandy worksheet. 

Join ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ Today, and Get

The full Dress Right For Your Body Type program, including eight deep dive video lessons taught by Lauren.
Free unlimited updates to the course, so when Lauren learns more, you do too!
Celebrities by Body Type eBook.
Outfits by Body Type eBook.
Body Type Identification Worksheet
Access to private Facebook community.

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