Never say the phrase, "Nothing ever fits me.” ever again!

If I had a dollar for each time a client said to me, “You don’t get it, I have a super-weird body. Nothing ever fits me." I’d be blowing my nose with gold-plated tissues and would bathe in Evian water. In short, I’d have Oprah money.

All joking aside, it’s upsetting to hear how often women are completely defeated by their wardrobes. That is exactly why I created the program 'Dress Right For Your Body Type.' 



The ideal body type is the “hourglass” figure. It dates back to the caveman era; if a woman had a full bust, tiny waist, and hips - it meant she was fertile and could bear children.

Here is the issue, only 8% of women naturally have an hourglass figure.


That means 92% of women feel like losers when it comes to their bodies. Not to mention that the fashion industry has declared the shapeless and ultra-thin body type as the ideal.

With all of this conflicting information, I can see how women just give up and reach for the leggings.


The good news is, there is a solution.


Learning how to dress for your body type will help you take control of the way you look and your relationship with fashion.

Is dressing for your body type the end all be all? Nope. It’s simply a tool to add to your stylish tool belt. The more you know, right?

Understanding how to dress for your body is the key to looking slimmer and loving the way you look. Which is exactly why I created a brand new course to walk you through how to do it.

It's Time To 'Dress Right For Your Body Type'

An easy to follow online styling program that teaches you how to flatter your figure and feel good when you get dressed!


Ready To Dress Your Body Right?

What You'll Discover 

  • Why dressing for your body type is an absolute game changer
  • The five different body types that exist - hint they aren’t named after desk instruments or fruits/veggies
  • Simple tricks you can execute to balance your body

Discover the Body Types:

Bigger on Top

You carry your weight on the top half of your body - you are busty or broader up top. 

Bigger on Bottom

You carry your weight on the bottom half of your body - wider hips and a bigger booty. 

Bigger Middle

If you have a bit of a belly or are self-conscious about your middle, you can apply some of these tips to your looks.

No Curves

This body type is straight up and down, and often "model like."


This body type is the perfect hourglass. Don't let the word perfection fool you; this body type isn't easy to dress.

Why It Matters

Find out why all this body type stuff matters anyhow inside the program! 


Are you ready to learn how to dress your body? Let's get started.


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